Data storage

easy excel import

Effortless Data Imports

Spend less time formatting and preparing data with effortless imports.
Streamlined report generation

Easy From Excel

With our Excel Add-in we make it simple to manage your data right from Excel! You can download spreadsheets from Mapline, and upload or overwrite existing data to your maps all with a single click.
Create dashboards to centralize your data

Instant Collaboration

Configurable and responsive, our dashboard system enables you to create accessible displays of your most vital information that can be shared with everyone who needs to know.

Protected and Secured

Rest easy knowing that Mapline’s data security never takes breaks.
View data behind charts using drill down tools.

Powerful Encryption

Since almost everything we do is digital, being able to keep your data secure is a top priority at Mapline. Our encryption process ensures that no one but you has access. Ever.
Dashboards based on multiple data sources

Easy Access

Increase accessibility and effectiveness by gathering multiple sources of data into one place and making it available to customers, partners, and other users.
secure data storage

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