Charts & Reports
that move your business

regional sales chart

Effortless Creation

Use our powerful visualization software tools to discover all your data has to offer.
Charting and graphing tools

Charts and Graphs

Quickly transform your data into customizable charts and graphs that effectively communicate information, help reveal valuable insights, and provide real-time updates!
Streamlined report generation

Robust Reports

See exactly what you want to see by using our intuitive drag-and-drop pivot table creation system. Aggregate and display specific elements from your unstructured data in minutes instead of days!

Analyze Everything

Dig even deeper to uncover more insights than ever before!
drag and drop data to create charts and reports

Drag & Drop

Speed up your analysis with drap & drop chart creation. Change reports and charts instantly – even in the middle of a meeting – to display your data exactly how you need it.
Report automation tools

automatic refresh

Your charts and reports will update as your data updates. Use relative dates to always display the correct time frame and reduce the amount of time it takes to create insights.
drag and drop report creation

complete picture

View your data from every angle and get the complete picture.
Drill down and view data

Drill Down

Rick-click on any chart, graph or metric to immediately access and adjust the data behind that display! Use date aggregation and filters to refine your view and see exactly what you need.
Large library of chart styles

Extensive Library

Match your data with the perfect visualization that highlights exactly what you want to see. Mapline has a plethora of chart types and styles to get you the visualization you need.

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