How do I create a dataset for a map?

Mapping a data set with Mapline

Creating a dataset in Mapline is super simple. First, you need to make sure that your spreadsheet has the correct formatting for headers. Here are some of the basic headers:


This is the column with the name of your location. When you hover over a location in the map, the Name will appear to let you know which location you are viewing. This is not a required field, but it is a key field we look for.


This is the address of your location. This can either contain the full address (street, city, state, postal code), or this may just contain the street.

Zip Code or Postal Code

This is a semi-required field.

Latitude and Longitude

If you do include latitude and longitude coordinates, be sure that they’re in decimal format, i.e., 35.5486465, -52.8976423, so that Mapline can read them properly.

Mapline requires that you have AT LEAST ONE column with address-type information (Address, City, State, Postal Code, or Country). To reduce any issues with your data, label the appropriate columns with the header names listed above. We have tried to anticipate any variations you may have to these key headers listed above, but in order to make sure that your data will plot correctly be sure to verify your address columns. This will let you make sure that Mapline is recognizing all of your columns correctly. You can also include any other columns that you have like sales numbers, contact info, etc.

Once you’ve formatted your spreadsheet correctly, you are ready to upload your dataset into Mapline! Here are the steps you need:
  1. Log in to your Mapline account.
  2. Click “New.”
  3. Select “New Dataset.”
  4. Give your dataset a name.
  5. Copy all of the rows of your spreadsheet you want to plot, and include the header row.
  6. Paste that into the box on Mapline.
  7. Make sure that all the columns are correctly assigned.
  8. Click “OK.”
  9. Click “OK.”
Then if you want to add that dataset to your map, follow these steps:
  1. Either open an existing map, or create a new map by clicking “OK” and then “New Map.”
  2. Once on the map, click “Add.”
  3. Select “Dataset Pins.”
  4. Check the box of the dataset you created.
  5. Click “OK.”