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About Us

We want to introduce ourselves as a mapping software company… but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Because here at Mapline, we’ve got a long list of all the ways mapping can benefit your business! We designed the best tools to help you achieve business growth, attain better risk mitigation and management, understand sales territories, and so much more!

Our Values

Here at Mapline we are dedicated to solving your business problems and figuring out how to best utilize maps to gain greater insights into your data. We strive to provide quality customer service to make sure that all your needs are met quickly, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our application to help you better run your business.

Our Team

Our office is located at the base of Provo Canyon in Utah, and it is filled with data enthusiasts that are set on developing better technology to help your business grow.

See what we're up to

Introducing Mapline 2.0
Written on September 28, 2019
We've heard your feedback, and we used it to make the most powerful version of Mapline ever. With a handful of new features and countless enhancements, it has never been easier to get powerful answers to your questions.
New Route Optimization Feature
Written on June 13, 2018
Our latest update has some big changes! We’ve rolled out a beta version of our route optimization feature. We’ve also made enhancements to other features. Here’s all that’s changed:
Add Columns Update
Written on June 1, 2018
We wanted to give our users one more update before June. So here’s a list of what we’ve done to help make life easier for our users:

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Address: 5152 Edgewood Dr Ste 290
Provo, UT 84604

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Phone: (800) 969-1454
Twitter: @maplinesimple
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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started
Do I need to download anything to use Mapline?
No, you can access Mapline on any browser without downloading a thing. We do recommend using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser for the best performance.
Can I use Mapline on a mobile device
Any device that has an internet connection can use Mapline.
Is there a trial available?
We do offer a free trial for new users. If this is something you'd like, let us know!
Are there contracts on the plans?
No, Mapline plans don't have any contracts. They can be cancelled at any time without incurring additional fees.
Is credit card the only payment option?
Mapline allows users on annual plans to pay with a credit card or manually with an invoice. Users on monthly plans have to pay with a credit card.
Can I get a custom plan?
What kind of data can be uploaded?
Any location data that is formatted as a CSV can be uploaded to your account.
What kind of data does Mapline provide?
Mapline gives users access to a repository of territories of countries around the world. Users also have access to demographic data in certain countries.
Where does Mapline get the data it provides?
We use a number of sources to provide all the data available to users, you can find the list here.
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